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Embracing Human Trust

Foundation of Trusted Workforce

Solving pernicious problems in workforce hiring and management through solution rooted in trust and authenticity
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Tamper proof journal of records

Records sourced from verified and authenticated entities (universities, companies and organisations) are added to a tamper proof journal called Tymeline.
The authenticity of the record and its origin is guaranteed and protected by cryptography and through application of block-chain technology

You can trust the Tymeline !


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A sophisticated yet simple process which could make resume an obsolete entity

Academic and employment history, professional skills authenticity and verification in seconds!
The candidate shares their Tymeline ID with the company.
The company requests access to the candidate's records on Tymeline.
The candidate approves the request and authorizes the release of their records by providing an OTP generated from the Tymeline ID mobile app.
After gaining access to the requested records, the company can confidently proceed with the hiring process knowing that the candidate's information is authentic.

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What can I get?

Access to a tamper-proof digital ledger of verified records of potential employees, sourced directly from trusted entities such as universities, companies and organizations.
No charges for nominating and verifying candidates, and quick turnaround times compared to industry standards.
Ability to add records for your current employees on your dashboard.
Verify previous employees with a single click, never do it again.
Rapid and assured decision-making enabled by AI-generated insights.
Increase access credits as you scale up.
Increase right & potential customers, offering Tymeline users your deals on Tymeline Club.
Eliminate malpractices such as dishonoring job offers or rescinding employment offers.
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